Ancient City

The Ancient City excavations conducted in 1911 by the French Archaeological School, brought to light important findings highlighted in the ancient city of Thassos. The harbor consisted of two parts: the military which was closed and saves them from it two jetties and it is light which were used for commercial ships of the Ancient Agora of the port was above the narrow port and distinguished by the so-called “passage of theoron”, the buildings which were found sculptures, statues and inscriptions invaluable much of which are in the museum of the Louvre. In the northwestern part of the Market is the Holy Temple of Zeus Thasiou Agoraios with circular enclosure by marble pillars and plates. In the northeast corner there Continuing an altar with semicircles platforms of the Roman era while southeast of the market was the main highway linking the passage of theoron Hercules. Eastern is the Conservatory which is built of marble and over the passage of theoron and the Temple of Artemis. In the north of the commercial port are also in the Temple of Bacchus, Neptunium, the Ancestral Temple of the Gods, the Ancient Theatre, the ancient Acropolis, the Temple of Athena Poliouchoy and the Temple of Apollo (which was dedicated to the goddess of Music).

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