Acropolis is a long and narrow terracing that was during the ancient and Byzantine times the natural buttress of the town and a wonderful lookout post too, 137 meters over the sea level. The entire terracing was surrounded by a medieval castle a work of Byzantine architects that was completed later on - during the first half of 15th century - by Genoas Gattilusi’s dynasty. The path goes on to second top of Acropolis where we meet with Athena’s sanctum with a splendid view to town and sea. On the third top god Pan’s sanctuary is engraved on rocks. Although it is the most humble of all Thassian sanctuaries it is the one that the modern travelers paid most attention for. On an embossed portrayal inside the cave the goat-legs bearing god is seen - loyal follower of Dionysus - nonchalantly resting and playing the syrinx. The botched bas-relief does not at all decrease the graceful ingenuousness of the portrayal that might be referred to 4th century B.C.

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