05 March 2011

Written by Mario

Feverish preparations for the carnival
Continuing feverishly prepare for the carnival events will take place next weekend. Distinguish the carnivals and Mary Limenaria. From what it seems at least from the publications of the organizers. Certainly the last word is perhaps the weather. The organizers hope that at least the conditions are such as to allow the parades. In the past have shown that there is undismayed by adverse weather conditions, sometimes the carnival festivities were made even with rain showers. It is of course the weather is not such next weekend.

The champion in chess
Yiannis Papaioannou Thassos
Champion, John Papaioannou, chess is to honor a common organization Limenaria the Cultural Association "The Castle" in collaboration with the Association of Parents ahead and wider cooperation with cultural associations Kallirachi, Divine, Mary, who are active players in the level-teen boys. The event will take place before in the hall of the library available to the Parents Association and then the price will be paid to the Greek championship match will follow simoultane, namely: The champion will face with many young players. He wished to found as many as possible young people at the event to come closer to chess. Please note that John Papaioannou its roots in the Maries Thassos.

Source: xirafi.gr