20 March 2011

Uses of Greek Tourist Real Estate

As for Drama, to exploit the Bald, both decided to create a team from the Technical Board to record not only buildings but also the weaknesses that exist in the ski resort. At the same time proposed solutions to examine from scratch the issue of reopening the ski resort. In this process Tours Property pledged to provide the expertise available for the operation of ski resorts.

Regarding the Regional Unit of Kavala, now is a recorded map of the tourist ads are the AM-I and especially in environmental education Kavala. The Thematic Antiperifereiarchis Tourism - Culture, Costas Papakosmas said that many of them are specific proposals that have made the self-governing bodies. These relate to the Palataki of Thassos, the mayor of the island, Costa Chatziemmnouil the "Dionysos" by the mayor of Kavala, Kostis Simitsi and should be considered given the interest in the use of baths of freedoms, and the vacant lot of Iraklitsa.

The same goes for the Regional Section of Xanthi, where there is great interest in the areas of Abdera and Fanar, and to use the camp of Alexandroupolis is no specific proposal.

"I think the first contact is done from now on will continue efforts by Tourism Property, so that we will soon announce specific measures. Certainly this effort a major role for both local governments and private individuals. I am convinced that the local government, individuals and the region can highlight these areas, "said Costas Papakosmas.

Concerning the island of Thassos, during the meeting day before yesterday was a reference to "Palataki, where a recorded image. "Right now there is a study by the IGME, concerning the maintenance of the building, which is a piece of cultural heritage. From the perspective of the Municipality of Thassos, said he would be ready to present more evidence is sufficient to have the assurance of ETA, that would support the effort to use the property. "The mayor of Thassos has a very good job and is virtually certain that the management of tourist property will visit the island, and contacts will be held in Athens," said Costas Papakosmas.

Apart from "Palataki" there and the building of "Xenia", which are to be solved in order to reopen as a hotel, and remains open the issue of using the marina in the Port.

"Of course, all this started over a month after the great interest of the Regional, Mars Giannakidis, who in his first contacts in Athens, has prompted the tourist to see houses with special interest area. Result of this interest was the presence of the whole of my command of the EDF at the meeting held a few days ago, "said Antiperifereiarchis Thematic Tourism - Culture-I AM.

Source: k-tipos.gr