07 March 2011

Turkey is annoyed because Evia & Thassos is populated islands

For those who undermined the 'sound walks' of Turkish warships in the Aegean, and what work had some naval vessels off the island of Kythira, even outside of Lavrion, the answer given by the study also referred to these two sites. "Among the shoreline to be explored and the peninsula of Lavrion is directly opposite the Turkish coast and from there it should be calculated to determine the median line.

It acknowledges that the study of the Greek Islands Thassos and Evia are the biggest problem, because it is "distinct, large and populous than any other."

They are here too "argument": "There is one more reason to ignore the island of Thassos. The Turkish island Bozgkaanta (Imbros) is located on the opposite side of Thassos. So if you ignore them both, the average line can be fixed easily.

In this report, we understand far too well because he had disputed the Greek character of Gavdos Turkish admiral and was included in the "gray areas". Because we are dealing with serious state with long-term plans, we face at the cafe, we considered it sufficient that we in the European Union. But As if we have not seen what allies are our partners? Worst of NATO. That requires us to daily air exercises, not recognizing the Athens FIR, and to inform about the overflights in the Aegean Turkish fighter.

There is also "second part" of the study (I discovered later, because it is published separately), which "justifies" the Turkish "concerns" on the Aegean ...
"Given this situation, Turkey will have a significant shelf and the EEZ in the Aegean oloklito. And there are two reasons for this.
First, these Greek islands are very close to the "median line" between the two continental regions of the two countries and thus greatly reduce both the Turkish continental shelf and the EEZ will have the two countries without considering the islands.
Second, all these islands have their own territorial waters, which already limits the shelf and the EEZ of Turkey.
So to get to equivalent effect, there is no other option but to ignore all these Greek islands "...!