13 March 2011

The administration of the Municipality of Thassos working feverishly for the reopening of the munici

The lost ground left by the previous administration regarding the reopening of the municipal slaughterhouse in Limenaria, running to cover the administration of the Municipality of Thassos. The municipal slaughterhouse stopped working a few years ago, a decision of the former Prefect of Kavala, Theo Kalliontzi because of deficiencies had, which made it inappropriate under applicable law. Since then, created a major problem in Thassos, since there was another slaughterhouse on the island. The previous municipal administration has a tentative agreement with the company "KRE.KA." so as to serve the needs of the island until they leave the reopening of the municipal slaughterhouse.

Aware of the problem

Last week, the farmers of Kavala delivered to antiperifereiarchi, Archelaus Granicus, a memorandum with their demands at the local level. Among them was the immediate operation of the municipal slaughterhouse of Thassos Limenaria. "We are working feverishly, in collaboration with the departments to get the authorization. We have taken the necessary steps, including preparation of an environmental study by environmentalist, but the process depends not only on us," said the "Fed" Mayor Thassos Hadjiemmanuil Costas, who attributed the previous government inaction on this issue. Mayor Thassos noted also that he had come into contact with the owners for the municipal slaughterhouse, before being elected mayor and take command of the municipality. "I knew the problem well and as an alderman and began to deal with it before put my candidacy for town halls. Cooperate with the competent services of the regional unit of Kavala, urban planning, veterinary service, etc., in order to adopt necessary documents for licensing. everything in our power to do. But there is a procedure to follow, "he said and noted that everything will be done properly.