08 March 2011

No specific hours schedules N. Peramos - Prinos

Usually the departure of the ferries serving the drivers of the tankers from New Peramo be at 11 am or 12 noon, while the same problem occurs and the return has to be received at 12 at night as stated in the CB.

Complaints relating to service and high fares have some owners and drivers of road tankers handling liquid fuel to the island of Thassos. Complaints addressed to the administrations of two shipping companies, Thassos Shipping SA (A.N.E.TH.) and "Common; practice; shock Mitsopoulos, operating in ferry lines connecting the island of Thassos the continental part of the prefecture of Kavala.

From Keramoti, in "Philip II" for a while and then in New Peramo

The movement of liquid fuels, for supplying the station located in Thassos is the last five, at least, years from the ferry in New Peramos. Previously, the tank moved to the island from the port of Keramoti. But a decision by the former mayor, Menandrou Marinakis denied entrance to the village for security reasons. Thus, selecting the port of New Peramos, located away from residential area and linked to Prinos Thassos. Please note that before selected the Port of New Peramos ypodeichtike owners tanker port "Philip II".

However, due to lack of infrastructure (ramp) that there was a risk of an accident, abandoned this solution. According to information from the "Fed", from the ferry in New Peramos run every week from five to ten tankers. Buses run twice on Tuesdays and Fridays, but there is no specific departure times. As we said tank owner, hours of service to determine the shipping companies and stakeholders informed after contact with companies. Usually, he said, departing from New Peramo be at 11 am or 12 noon, while the same problem occurs in the back. "It happened day, the tanks have returned at midnight.
This situation can not continue. We can not suffer so drivers who have to make other trades. In addition to overtime pay because there are no fixed routes is high and rates. I, for example, recently paid more than 1,300 euros to move two tanks. The costs are many, "he said yet. Some owners and drivers seeking the intervention of local rulers and the Port Authority to improve conditions, or change, again, the port operator and to return to Keramoti, where travel costs are lower and more regular schedules.
A few years ago, in fact, submitted a request to the administration of former City Keramoti to make a route every week, but was rejected. As we said, finally, the tank owner, shipping companies have agreed between themselves that their ships to the execution alternate routes from the port of New Peramos. Thus if the ship A.N.E.TH. New run route Peramos au-Prince, the ship "Mitsopoulos Consortium" will run the route prior to New Peramos.

Source: k-tipos.gr