10 March 2011

Inadequate fire protection Thassos because of limited resources

In search of a border program with the aim to find funds for fire protection of the island, is the mayor of Thassos, Costas Hadjiemmanuil. This year, he said the "Fed", state funding is significantly reduced and not sufficient to make the required work for the fire season.

The Municipality of Thassos also in a difficult economic situation, as most municipalities in the country and unable to cover the cost of the work.

Poor economics of the Municipality, reduced state funding

Two and a half, approximately, months before the start of fire season and has not done anything yet to Thassos for the cleaning of firebreaks, maintenance of forest roads, etc., said the mayor. "In order to move the vehicles of the Fire Service and seasonal fire fighters must be clean and accessible by forest roads," he said, answering the question if he knows the issue of the age of vehicles using seasonal dasopyrosvestes and emphasized that: "Without money, there can be fire protection. The City of the poor economic instruments that can be done. Wildfires erased winter. However, the mayor said Thassos municipality will enable this year locals and volunteer associations, a member of one of them was that, to enhance the fire protection of the island.

Source: k-tipos.gr