19 March 2011

For Sale the 2 dolfins

Without hydrofoil (Dolphin) will leave the ferry line Kavala-Thassos coming months and unknown exactly how long after the decision of the owner of "High Speed ​​Craft Thassos, Charalambos Philippides, to sell the two vessels were used route of the line .

The law does not permit the conversion of the two "dolphin" in dypythmena

A few months ago the hydrofoil "Mary F" of registry Piraeus completed the thirty years required by law and apodromologithike. Initially, it was thought to be replaced by the second hydrofoil of the company, "Constantine F" of registry of Thessaloniki, located in the harbor "Philip II". The vessel went through some tests, the Russian Register of Shipping, to determine whether it can execute trades. However, before getting the fitness certificate, the owner decided to seek buyer. "I am in the process of negotiating the sale of boats," said Char. Philippidis, confirming the information in "Fed." Explaining the reason which led to the above decision, said that both boats are made of aluminum rather than iron. This means, he added, that can not be dypythmena and continue to operate despite the completion of thirty years. In addition, the boat "Konstantinos F" will complement and that at the end of 2011, thirty years of "life" and should apodromologithei. "As you know, it would make sense to be launched for only a few months and then withdraw. Once, indeed, that the Ministry has not responded to our repeated reminders, whether these vessels can continue normal route and then completion of thirty years, "he said, even the owner.

What about linking Kavala-Thassos?

Given the apodromologisi board "Maria T" and the decision of Ch. Filippidis to go on sale this and board Konstantinos F ", the question is whether the connection of the port of Kavala Thassos by hydrofoil. "As I know there is interest from a businessman from Volos, to launch a boat on the line. But as I said, is information and not for official news. I believe that by Easter we will have no development," added Char . Philippides, who denied also the rumor that the administration of the Port Authority of Kavala injunction filed against him in order to "block" the sale of vessels and to seize on the debts owed to the O.L. K. "These debts are settled and I pay a monthly installments of regulation," he said.

Source: k-tipos.gr