31 May 2011

At 04 of June Big Air show in kavala


Egnatia Aviation and AOPA Hellas announce that those interested in Kavala Fly-In 2011 should fill in the attached Registration and Hotel booking forms also published on our website  www.kavalafly-in.com.

Early indication show record number of participants, surpassing even the 2009 numbers. The apron is going to be full of airplanes, helicopters and ultra light aircrafts from all over Greece and abroad..
Apart from airplanes and pilots, who will take part in aviation celebration, there will be a number of Greek and foreign pilots with great reputation. Highlight of the event will be the performance of 4 aircraft from the Italian acrobatic team PIONEER, ie the same team that took part in the demonstration held at Tatoi few years ago. The difference is that this time, the Italian Team has improved its program, so the planes will fly through a cloud of fireworks. Some fireworks will be lanced from ground towards the planes and others from the planes down to the ground.