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12 June 2013

Κλείνει η ΔΟΥ της Θάσου

13 March 2013

Παράταση ζωής για τη ΔΟΥ Θάσου…

07 March 2013

Economics problems with the mayor house

13 January 2013

The Task Force Blocked The oil of PRINOS

28 November 2012

Decision of the municipality Thasos puts a taxes on electricity, telephone companies and banks

29 October 2012

The Port police and a helicopter searching for a fisherman in thassos

15 June 2012

forbitten the ships to stay in the line of keramoti - thassos

29 May 2012

The city council took place on the closure of a branch of the IKA Limenaria

29 May 2012

New visit on the Island from the Foundation of Egypt

24 May 2012

Occupation of the IKA Limenaria than 200 residents of Thassos

18 May 2012

55ο Festival Fillipi - Thassos

14 May 2012

Sinking tourist boat near the island of Thassos

12 May 2012

At limenaria and at the island the new place for sports and recreation

11 May 2012

Finished the 8o MTB Bike race on thassos

28 April 2012

Increase of Russian tourists to 40% in Greece

27 April 2012

HEALTH CENTER PRINOU. The reductions work hours they have revolutionized the society of Thassos

20 April 2012

157 oil boxes have stolen from thassos

19 April 2012

It will not stard this year the reconstruction of ancien theater

13 April 2012

Christos Anesti and Happy Easter

26 March 2012

Bike races 28 & 29 april in thassos 2012

21 March 2012

An important settlement of the 3rd b.c.century of Millennium in Thassos

18 March 2012

48 hour for the Ferrys Boats of thassos

15 March 2012

Nobody is More Hospitable as the Greeks

14 March 2012

Tourist Expo in Berlin

13 March 2012

Sign the Petition to Protect the Mineral Monument of Thassos - Greece

09 March 2012

Without ancinet theatre this year in festival

05 March 2012

New builting project for new port in thassos

29 February 2012

Thassos & Kavalain International Fair of Tourism at belgrade

21 February 2012

Tourist expo in sofia

19 February 2012

Big car accident in thassos with 1 dead

17 February 2012

The greek tourism is prepared for a very bad year

08 February 2012

Ο Δ. Παπουτσής ζητά

04 February 2012

The Mayor speaks for the new project

31 January 2012

Big problem right now with ferry thassos vi in thassos port

22 January 2012

The Union Thassian ofKavala cut the pie for 2012

20 January 2012

New construction project for thassos in limenaria

06 January 2012

ΔΗΜΟΣ ΘΑΣΟΥ Τα μεγάλα έργα υποδομής και η βελτίωση της καθημερινότητας των πολιτών οι βασικοί άξονες

06 January 2012

Καινούργιο γήπεδο ποδοσφαίρου στον Πρίνο και ταρτάν σ’ αυτό του «Θεαγένη»

03 January 2012

Ο Δήμος Θάσου θέλει ήπια τουριστική αξιοποίηση, οι ντόπιοι την προστασία του μνημείου

03 December 2011

Problem with the loan of 3 million for thassos

03 December 2011

New construction project for thassos

27 November 2011

Economics problems in Thomas Cook

25 November 2011

Highlighting the Greek tourism through “Placemats”

24 November 2011

Many Russian tourists, in Thassos from next season

20 November 2011

Lefteris Meresis Questioned and voted against the balance of 2010

20 November 2011

New tourist boats shelter is building in Limenaria Thassos

16 November 2011

Impressive kavala and thassos in the Travel World Tourist Market Exhibition in London

18 October 2011


07 October 2011

Contest goat in Rachoni Thassos. 16 oct at 12.00

23 August 2011

They found mine on the beach of thassos

09 August 2011

The music group “Mple”  in Thassos Skala Rachoni

05 August 2011

10th Festival Traditional Dances

12 July 2011

economic scandal in thassos

03 July 2011

Good news for tourism but in thassos what happens?

01 July 2011

Πόσο επηρεάζουν τον ελληνικό τουρισμό τα επεισόδια στην Αθήνα;

17 June 2011

300.000 euros for fixing the roads in thassos

31 May 2011

At 04 of June Big Air show in kavala

30 May 2011

Grand opening the new 5 star hotel Royal Paradise

25 May 2011

Free eye exams from Thassos city

24 May 2011

The famous game ««which -where - when»» is coming to Kavala and Thassos

11 May 2011

tourist advertisment from thassos

28 April 2011

War Booking from internet for greece

28 April 2011

New initiative by Dimitris Papoutsis for Court in Thassos

27 April 2011

Satisfactory occupancy of accommodation for Easter in Thassos

26 April 2011

Big Celebretion in Skala Rachoni for first of may

23 April 2011

The Beekeepers of Thassos waiting for spring to start production

21 April 2011

Transfer the slaughter house of Thassos proposes a solution

20 April 2011

The Mayor of Thassos makes contacts with 5 Ministries

19 April 2011

The Government make big meeting for tourism

19 April 2011

Underwater cleaning of limenaria port from popeye diving center

19 April 2011

In Easter period is coming the first tourist on Thassos

15 April 2011

The timetables for free buses from keramoti to kavala

15 April 2011

Free buses for thassian from keramoti to kavala for shoping

13 April 2011

inteview for the movent of thasian people to kavala for this week

13 April 2011

join the social Grocery of thassos island

13 April 2011

Statement by Mayor Thassos, Κosta Hatziemmanuil strong reaction and much debate in the island

12 April 2011

With success was Thassos in Expo of Bucharest

12 April 2011

Second cancel of the trial of sailors from Thassos

09 April 2011

News timetables for ferry boats from Kavala-Prinos

07 April 2011

Stravros Arapakis The mayor of Thassos make mistakes

07 April 2011

Cleaning initiative in Potamia from the municipality and the local council

06 April 2011

Discussion for radiation Sunday afternoon

06 April 2011

Cinema night with the documentary ‘‘Thassos of yesterday in black and white’’

03 April 2011

The Dolphins Sold

02 April 2011

No sailors were tried yesterday for obstructing transport

31 March 2011

Strikes the ferry boat of thassos

29 March 2011

Summer School of Art next summer in Thassos

28 March 2011

Stole cable from 1,200 meters under construction lighting poles in Thassos

28 March 2011

Securing funding for the biological stations of Thassos!

24 March 2011

Officially began operation of the “Social Grocery” in the municipality of Thassos

24 March 2011


20 March 2011

Uses of Greek Tourist Real Estate

19 March 2011

For Sale the 2 dolfins

16 March 2011

Presentation of the book Hioni C. “The Tears of ALITISSA in collaboration with the Public Library

13 March 2011

The administration of the Municipality of Thassos working feverishly for the reopening of the munici

10 March 2011

ERT3 shows of “Sunday in the village” will in Theologos village Thassos

10 March 2011

Inadequate fire protection Thassos because of limited resources

08 March 2011

No specific hours schedules N. Peramos - Prinos

07 March 2011

Turkey is annoyed because Evia & Thassos is populated islands

05 March 2011

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