Polygnotos Vagis

Polygnotos Vagis (1892- 1965)

Polygnotos Vagis was born on the 14th of January 1892 in the village of Potamia on the island of Thasosin a crowded family that consisted of 9 people. His father George Vagi Vagis was a http://www.discoverthassos.com/resources/images/follow/vagis.jpgcarpenter and wood sculptor, from whom inherited the gift of.

In 1911 Vagis was only 17 since leaving the Turkish-occupied homeland and goes immigrant in New York. The 1917 beats the doors of artistic schools in New York which of course did not open easily in an illiterate immigrant. Finally Vagis manages to write it in school "Cooper Union Institution" in New York, where he studied sculpture for six years.

During the First World War in 1918, the volunteer ranks Vagis the American Navy. By the end of the war to acquire U.S. citizenship in 1919 and finally entered the "BEAUX - ARTS INSTITUTE" New York  where he studied sculpture for three years with important teachers of sculpture such as C. BOULGON and F. AITKEN. In 1920 starts to participate for the first time in reports sculpture, "NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN"  and 1922 meets the first big success: http://www.discoverthassos.com/resources/images/follow/vagis_kefali1.jpgThe sculpture "My grandfather" considered one of the best parts of his report. It is a portrait in bronze, his grandfather, where the rich expressionist elements given the strong plastic forms may compose the portrait of a tortured but not defeated by the old man lives.
After following a period of intensive work where you need to survive, to study and help his family financially is at home. In 1923 the working conditions get better, because now the Vagis is a well known sculptor and takes part in all the reports of New York. In 1925 Vagis is well known everywhere as the NATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY the request information to include him in its publication was released in 1928. By the end of life took part in over 40 exhibitions in major museums of modern art in the United States. In 1952 he wins first prize in the annual festival in Long Island with the work of "Sleep."

In 1963 after many years absence in the U.S. visits his birthplace the island of Thassos. And when  he was old married a beautiful American,  Sylvia, but his marriage end soon because his wife died in an accident. In 1965 Polygnotus Vagis alone and without family on March 15 this year died at the Veterans Hospital in New York.
His works, inspired by the Greek nature as moons, fish, various species of birds and animals etc., come in many museums including the museum and the Vagi on Thassos.