Andromachi From Thasso

Few words for Andromachi Diamantopoulos Filippidoy from Thassos.

Sociologist - Politician of Sciences, [Polybrabeymeni] poet.

It is expressed well-aimed, lyric, and [bathystochasta], so much in the frames of poetry, what in the prose. Remarkable are also her social action and offer in her place on decades: municipality Thassos in 1988 honoured him with special praise for the intellectual culture that he offers in the children of Thassos. As chairman of Association of Parents has made [dorean] programs for the children of Painting, Pottery, Teams of self-knowledge, chorus, music, on two years functioned with her initiatives faculty of Parents with big attendance of world.

The summertime 2008 organised with the cultural association “the Castle” their A Pan-Hellenic poetic Fights for adolescents and students with attendance of 87 children, and [eptameli] committee from chairmen of literary unions of so much Athens of what Thessalonica.

 The 2009 organises in Thassos with the help of Municipality, Poetic Conference on the subject: “The shrinkage of Greek reason - the poetry in our days” with live poetic fights in the ancient market of Thassos. It has taken part in a lot of anthologies and now prepares her books. A book for the children with [didaches] [noythesies],  also a half for the Greek women hero working as well as a book on the [alismonites] Homelands and her big love: The poetry, prepares a poetic Collection titled “In the Throne of Love”. The association the Friends of her [Eptanision] Granted in October 2009 [A]΄Reward of Erotic poetry. Extracted in the Pan-Hellenic

Fights of Delphi in 2009 [A]΄Reward of Poetry while in 2010 from the Union of Writers of man ofs letters Europe, Golden [Plaketa] [A]΄Reward. The same year the Contact of Editors of Notherner Greece with chairman Gentleman [Mparmpoynaki] rewarded him for her offer in the Greek Letters while the Union of Man ofs letters of Notherner Greece ([ELBE]) her granted [B]΄of Reward of Poetry.