Bob & Judith - A well kept secret

Hello and a happy holiday to you! We are Judith and Bob and we discovered this beautiful island of Thassos in 2001 when we came on a package holiday to Thassos Town. be honest, before that time, we had not heard of Thassos, even though this island has been a thriving community for thousands of years. On that first visit, we soon started meeting other people from places like Britain, Germany, Holland, Ireland and Sweden who had been coming to Thassos every year for 20 or 30 years. Some of them had holiday homes here. We could hardly believe that they were all saying the same thing – they loved the island so much they did not want to go anywhere else. We think these people were trying to keep this gem in the Aegean as a secret from the rest of us! The secret was well kept for a long time but word is spreading. Discover the secret for yourselves. The beauty and interest of Thassos are shown within the pages of this book and we are sure you will find it a useful and informative guide to your visit.

After our first visit to Thassos we felt very attached to the island. The wonderful time we had and the very warm and genuine welcome we received from the Thassian people made us sad to leave. So we came back later for a second time in 2001 and then came for many more holiday visits and never wanted to leave. By 2003 we had bought a house in Skala Rachoni and by 2006, seeking a simpler and more spiritual life, we retired early to Thassos and now spend all our time here and we love it. There are many other people who feel the same attraction as we do for Thassos. It has its own special magnetism which is hard to define in words. Be careful! It could grab you in the same way.

In the summer, the weather is warm and pleasant from May to October and we spend our free time enjoying the same things as holiday visitors – the many beautiful beaches, wonderful swimming in the Aegean Sea, eating outside at home or in the many superb traditional tavernas, spending quality time with friends or strolling in the shade of the olive groves marvelling at the beautiful sea and mountains. Or we just enjoy the peace and quiet of the island and not having to worry about the time. We can catch up on all that reading we have been neglecting for decades and there is also a wealth of fascinating history to investigate. We recommend a visit to the museum in Thassos Town. We also recommend you take in at least one of the festivals or traditional music and dancing events that happen throughout the summer.

To most visitors Thassos appears to be a place to be visited only in the summer. But in winter it is also a special place. The winter and spring mountain walking is magnificent and you can reach places that are really not practical to get to in the heat of the summer. However, unless you are an experienced walker, you should seek advice on this. Y The weather in winter can be unseasonably warm at times but can just as easily be quite cold, especially at night. Most of the time, though, the sun shines!

We hope you enjoy your stay and please come back again. You might come back forever, like we did.