The ancient currency of Thassos

Thassos had cut currency, and enough ancient coins has been rescued.

Silver half drachm from Foiniki of 4th. B.C. it portrays a bust. The back aspect brings sign THASION and portrays two amphoras, the one next to the other, while the left amphora.



Silver of Attic  4 drachm 2nd ai. B.C. it portrays the right profile of bust of Dionysos in young age.And from back aspect it brings signs IRAKLEOYS, SAVIOR and THASION right, left and under respectively. It portrays the naked body of Iraklis that stands front and turns the head in left.



Hemiobolus of Thasos: Wreathed head of a nymph left / Dolphin leaping left within incuse square, circa 411-340 BC