Lets Find Giola

Have you ever been to Thassos island? If you have ever been there by accident, then you know for sure exactly what is this “Giola” torture! If not, just remind yourself to use this guide, when you make up your mind to explore the craggy ground of Thassos!

It was one of the hottest days of August when we decided to “eat up”, literally, all of our day to discover this much desired Giola, the famous natural pool on a rocky, beautiful though, coast of the biggest island of north Aegean sea. Early in the morning we visited with Vangelis, Tina and Paul the CRAZY ROLLERS “rent a bike” office in Skala Prinos, where we rented 2 enduro bikes, as it was the unique mean that could take us with safety to our destination (also another the same adventurous way could be 4x4).

Our start point would be Skala Prinos, where you can find one of the two ports of Thassos island and as soon as we started driving on the ring road we would follow the signs to Limenaria. It didn’t take us too long to get there and we continued our way with no stop to Potos, where we stopped for a while to a supermarket to get some bottles of water. After Potos, we reached “Psili Ammos”, one of the most famous beaches for young people all around the island.

In general, we had no difficulty to reach Psili Ammos, because we didn’t have to follow any other road but the main road. But we didn’t know what was going to come…!

After Psili Ammos our information from the most well-informed tourist guide of Thassos, DISCOVER THASSOS, was telling us to find “Astris” and after that another hotel “Aeria”, both of them on the main road. We were already driving slowly and we were ready to turn anytime to the right to the beach. Once we found hotel Aeria, we followed a huge and bluff turn on the main road and after that one smaller and drove for a while more, until we saw the sign with the label “Seirines”.

By the time we saw this label, we turned to the right, according to the direction that the sign was indicating and we followed the off road to the end. On that spot, to our left hand, there was “Seirines” and in front of the hotel we could see a small tumpike to the end of the hotel. We followed that tumpike until we reached an old barrack, which was telling us that we had to leave the motorbikes and start walking…normally! Instead of that, we kept driving with our enduro. Besides, that’s why we had rented enduro, so we could drive farther than normal and avoid walking that much. The road seemed and was very dangerous! That’s why I would never recommend to anybody to drive farther with any kind of means of transport like we did!

We followed a crisscross road, which we could see through a glade some place around the tumpike and after a while, when the road got more difficult, we left the motorbikes in a safe place, we took our bag packs on our shoulders and we started walking. We didn’t spend a lot of time walking. The distance was about 300m, but the road was not easy at all and we should be really careful in every single step. That’s why we needed more than 20 minutes to get closer to the rocks.

Only some meters far from Giola we could clearly distinguish this natural pool. The view was really charming and the only thing someone could hear was all the kind of exclamations. Personally, I felt truly happy that we finally got to our Giola and, in no time, we were ready in our swimming suits to explore the rocks.

From both sides of the small lake the rocks were climbing up the hill in scale, just like somebody had planned to build steps! We climbed slowly to the highest top step, about 8m high, and we were trying to decide who would be the first to fall! I backed off the last minute and got down quickly. I was watching the others jumping one by one with such a confidence! I still don’t get it how they could jump this height! It was obviously too high for me, even from the lower step I had moved to. After a long time and a lot of begging, I finally made up my mind and jumped to the water. Big deal!

After 5 minutes it turned out to be a game! We were climbing, diving, swimming in the hot waters to the point where the lake is separated from the sea, we were carefully going up the slippery rocks and again all this from the beginning, until we were all dizzy! Tina and I were so tired we decided to lay down on the wide stones to get some rest.

Nobody had considered the climbing back to our motorbikes. Vangelis had driven one of the motorbikes really deep down to the hill, so it took as a lot of time to find it and push it up to the trail again. Δε μου έφτανε που έπρεπε να σύρω το πτώμα μου μέχρι το ισιάδι…!Anyway! Our team, ready for new adventures, managed to untrouble the motorbike and after a looooong time we took our way back to Skala Prinos.


The sun was about to set when we decided to leave “Tutti Frutti”, the most famous beach bar of Potos, where we had stopped to swim for a while between people! The kiosk on the main road was calling us to take some pictures before sunset, which was giving the best images from that spot! And then you tell me about Santorini! If you haven’t seen the sunset from the kiosk outside Limenaria, you have seen nothing!

We returned to CRAZY ROLLERS in Skala Prinos really tired, happy though we managed to visit and admire something that it really worth it and not every tourist had the chance to discover. If somebody ever ask me I respectfully recommend it. We may had some difficulties, but in a good company of friends and a good mood all that are not considered to be negatives. Besides, if it’s too easy to discover your treasure, then the joy and pleasure is never so big once you find it! So, have a good exploration and DISCOVER THASSOS… it totally worth it!           

Writer: Maria Skoupaki

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