Areas & Villages

A central major road covers the circumference of the island, following a parallel course to the splendid coasts, while smaller roads lead to the mountainous villages.

Experience Thassos

The way to Saliara (Marble Beach)

Arriving in beautiful Thassos there are many…

Lets Find Giola

Have you ever been to Thassos island?…

The Easter eggs in Thassos

One of the Greek Easter…

The Lost Atlantis

Lost City found in Thassos?


Thassos Recipes

Summer paspalopita from gastronomy writer Stella Spanou.

The Lost Atlantis found?

Participants in the International Underwater Photography Competition…

Andromachi From Thasso

Few words for Andromachi Diamantopoulos Filippidoy from Thassos.

Sociologist - Politician of Sciences, [Polybrabeymeni] poet.

It is expressed well-aimed, lyric, and [bathystochasta],…